Holistic Aromatherapy Treatment

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Through the expertise of trained Aromatherapist and Founder, Rosemarie, our products are formulated for YOU - not for your ailments. We consider and care about the whole you, including how you are feeling physically, emotionally, and mentally, to make personalized recommendations that best support you. 

An aromatherapy consult with Rosemarie provides you with access to her experience and education as a Registered Aromatherapist (with the CFA), as well as her knowledge gained from working with essential oils since 2018.  Discover how aromatherapy may help you and your family breathe easier, sleep deeper, soothe the skin, manage pain, and give you more comfort. 

If you have a specific concern or multiple issues you would like addressed, or would like to determine what essential oils, aromatherapy products or custom blends will work synergistically to support you, this session is definitely for you!

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Receive 25% off your purchase of regular priced items the day of your consultation.